Content Change Monitoring Scan


Content Change Monitoring (CCM) is a webpage service which monitors the changes made in web pages of website. MTvScan instantly sends alerts if there is any change takes place in the content of the concerned web page. It helps in dealing with hacking and zero-day attacks quickly and efficiently. It is important since the site owner can easily track the pages for any type of attack or malicious code injected.

  • CCM ensures that your pages are not modified without your knowledge.
  • It validates current page size and the percentage change in current page size to previous page size.
    With MTvScan you can retrieve a web page’s content.
  • Consider an online banking system that updates web pages continuously. Herein, if hackers inject malicious code to web pages, it can go unnoticed. With MTvScan you can monitor the changes made to these pages right from logging in to MTvScan portal as well as alerts sent to you instantly.

MTvScan Detection Techniques

  • MTvScan takes a snapshot of all the pages of the website.
  • Compares current state of pages each time with the snapshot and instantly sends alerts if any alteration is observed on the website.
  • MTvScan provides rich reporting of CCM to track site changes.

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