Education sector website security

Secure your web assets from unacceptable breach of both student information and your trust

  • Scheduled Time Frame Scan
  • Continuous Home Page Status monitoring
  • SSL Scan
  • Content Management System Scan (e.g. WordPress, Drupal etc. )
  • Every hour scanning
  • Prioritize remediation and focus on the most critical flaws
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation
  • Multitenant Services
  • Proven Scanning Engine
  • Advanced Scanning Technology
  • Prioritize remediation and focus on the most critical flaws
  • Automatic reports via email
Full compatibility with all platforms

Maintain trust and plug in all loopholes!

Cyber security breaches can leave a lasting impact on the education sector. Although educational institutions may not seem as wealthy or as target-rich as healthcare organizations or private businesses, they in fact house a great deal of sensitive information. Huge volumes of data including names, addresses, educational details, birth certificates, banking and financial data of students as well as the staff is submitted, process and stored online. All this confidential data stored digitally can be hacked by hackers.

The education sector also comprises the largest and growing groups of users of mobile devices. School teachers, employees and students constantly rely on their websites and online learning tools, and these are frequently facing security threats. Admissions today are also taking place online giving miscreants another pathway to enter educational systems and gain access to critical data. Meanwhile, Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks too are gaining popularity in the education sector.

Besides, data breach, reputational damage caused by such a breach is another big risk and can weaken the trust of stakeholders of schools and colleges. Incorporation of cutting edge technologies and strategies has thus, become important. MTvScan web security scanner can scan the websites and web applications for possible threats alerting the IT crew to take appropriate measures in time and in continuous process.


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