Government Website Security

Securing citizen's critical information online is more important than making services available to them on the internet

Government Security
  • Monthly or time based domain audit reports
  • Phishing Detection
  • Malware Scanning
  • Content Change Monitoring
  • Scheduled Time Frame Scan
  • SSL Scan
  • Prioritize remediation and focus on the most critical flaws
  • Multitenant Services
  • Advanced Scanning Technology
Full compatibility with all platforms

A must-have security tool for government's online initiatives

Governments across the world have embarked on a digital mission having digitalized almost all their functions. Many public services can be now be accessed online on their own websites and applications. In India, many things from eKYC, Aadhar, electricity bills, government loans and schemes, financial services, scholarships, medical care and funding amongst other things have all been digitalized and are easily accessible online. However, along with such progress government agencies also face an uphill battle in controlling security risks across their organizations.

Due to all the critical information that these apps store, their security has gained more value over its existence. If this data is not correctly protected then there is absolutely no use of inventing such initiatives, feel many.

MTvScan is thus, a must-have product for government initiatives since its continuous scans can keep generating instant alerts in case of a malware and threat attack. It also detects vulnerabilities so that authorities can cover up any gapping loopholes in the system that could put the entire application at risk. The scanner eventually helps in protecting critical infrastructure and related operational technology.


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